Kwekerij Kok specialist in astilbes

Sustainability is our top priority. By demolishing our old greenhouses and replacing them with modern Green-label greenhouses, we meet the highest environmental and energy requirements. Due to these and other adjustments in our working method, we have various quality marks, MPS-A + and On the way to PlanetProof.


The MPS quality mark is mainly used in the flower and plant trade. The environmental assessment depends on the level: A + is the strictest, C is the least strict. The quality mark indicates how we score compared to other growers. This includes looking at pesticides and energy. With a high score, a grower is labeled A +.
MPS is an independent quality mark.


On the way to PlanetProof is an independent quality mark for sustainable products. The quality mark indicates that the product has been produced with an eye for sustainably and is therefore better for the climate and animals. PlanetProof shows that a grower has manufactured the product in such a way that it pollutes the earth as little as possible. In addition to flowers and plants, the quality mark also appears on dairy, vegetables, fruit, trees and eggs.
Only farmers and horticulturists who meet strict requirements are allowed to use the On the way to PlanetProof quality mark. On the way to PlanetProof is an independent party.


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